Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ryosuke Cohen......................JAPAN

11" x 17" poster created with 75 original stamps from  WorldWide ART MAILERS


Monday, April 2, 2012

My submission for the Marilyn Monroe MAIL ART CALL


Helene And Jessie, Toronto, 1988

My roommate Jessie decided she would enter the Marilyn Monroe look-a-like
contest one night way back in 1988. We we’re living in a big loft in downtown
Toronto right in the middle of all the noise and fun of a big city. Our friend Jano,
fabulous hair dresser and living in our stairwell at the time, transformed Jessie
into Marilyn.

We took a streetcar to ‘Buddies In Bad Time’ theatre for the event. Jessie made a scene on the streetcar by sitting on any man’s lap who would have her.
Once at the theatre we soon realized Jessie was going to win without any trouble. Her only competition was a 6 foot, 250 pounds  transvestite.

Jessie got on stage and sang ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President’ and 200 gay men went wild.

Jessie won and we drank and danced away the night.

This is my submission for the Marilyn Monroe Mail Art CALL.
Please read blog entry below for more info on what and where to
send material.

Marilyn Monroe - MAIL ART CALL -

Marilyn Monroe Died August 5 1962. How do you remember her? Please  send your art to:

Henk J. van Ooijen
Vlinderveen 258
3205 EJ Spijkenisse

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